Stray Dogs Sanctuary
Stray Dogs Sanctuary


Timmy has been in the kennels for longer than any of the other dogs. Sadly he is one of those dogs who gets overlooked time and time again by people thinking of giving a dog a home. Greyhound/staffy Timmy was dumped on an old man who was finding it difficult to look after himself, let alone a dog, so Timmy has come into the sanctuary. His coat was on in very poor condition, dry and very patchy, and he was suffering from a flea allergy, but this has now been treated. Poor Timmy was so frightened when he first came in, but within 24 hours he began to relax and his very loving personality started to come out . He is a bit shy of people when he first meets them, but it doesn't take long for him to relax and respond well to affection.  Timmy is fine with other dogs, and when he recently went on a home visit with one of the volunteers he got on very well with the dogs in her home, and had a lovely time meeting other dogs when he was taken on the beach.  Timmy is in the kennels in Dorset.  Photo on the adopt a dog page.


The Stray Dogs Sanctuary was set up in Dorset in September 1999 to provide kennelling for local stray dogs, and to re-home them if they were not claimed by their owners.  The dogs that are rescued by the dog wardens are kept in the care of the council for 7 days. If they have not been claimed at the end of that period, we take them into our care and look after them until they find homes.

We also take dogs from homes where they can no longer stay, e.g. because of a marriage break up or the death of the dog’s owner.

We take dogs of every breed, and our area covers Purbeck, East Dorset, Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch and the New Forest, and Devon, although we will always consider homes further afield, and have re-homed dogs over a very wide area.  We have rescued and re-homed many hundreds of dogs since the rescue was started.

Many of the dogs that come into the kennels have been abused or abandoned and are in poor condition and often need medical treatment before they can go to their new homes. 

The charity is run solely by volunteers and we receive no public money, and rely on fund raising events and donations to pay for the care of the dogs.

We always have dogs in our care that need homes. If you want to know more, or may be able to offer a home, please ring Judy on 01202 696685.

If you have seen a dog on this website please telephone for a chat about the dog. We will ask you for information about yourself and your family - sometimes this may seem intrusive but we are trying to re-home our dogs in the best home we can, from their needs but also from yours so that your new dog has the best chance of fitting in.

The next stage in the adoption process is a Home Visit. We only do visits by appointment, after we have spoken to you about a particular dog. We do not visit in advance of having a possible pet for you as we like to match dogs and owners on a one-to-one basis.

If you do not live close enough for us to do a visit we can sometimes arrange for another rescue to see you on our behalf.

In certain circumstances if this is not possible we do re-home out of area, subject to a vets reference.