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Stray Dogs Sanctuary

Other Dogs Needing Homes

These dogs are not in the rescue kennels and are still with their owners. The descriptions and photos have been provided by their owners. The Stray Dogs Sanctuary is not responsible for these details and rehoming of these dogs is between the owner and the adopter. We do recommend that any potential adopter meets the dog in its current home if at all possible.

Name: Bieber

Sex: dog

Age: about 3 and a half years

Information: Bieber is a male Staffi who is approximately 3.5 years old. Bieber is a lovely lad, very loving and loves being around people. He is a big softy but also loves playtime and has loads of fun down at the field. We think he’d like a home where he would get to go on lots of adventures and have a great time. Bieber does know some commands but is still not showing his full colours. We would recommend further reward based training to help him along his way. Bieber appears to be sociable with the dogs, however he has NOT been cat tested whilst with us. He is suitable to be homed with children 6 years +. If you may like to give Bieber a home, please ring Foredowne kennels on 01803 872260.


Name: Ella

Sex: bitch

Age: 6 years

Information: Ella is six years old and is a Springer, Cocker Lab cross breed. She loves being around people and going for walks, she is very trainable and willing to learn. She needs to go to an experienced home with lots of space and no children. Ideally she would go to someone who has had experience with dogs with behavioural issues. She often reacts badly to other dogs, particularly small dogs but we believe this could be overcome with socialisation training as this has helped so far. For further information please contact Andrea Garner 07921576442


Name: Frank

Sex: dog

Age: 6-7 years

Information: Frank is a gorgeous Staffi male who is approximately 6-7 years old. Frank is an adorable big softy. He has such a kind sensitive way about him, we think anyone would fall in love. He loves his walks and is still very much a toy hogger, he will need someone who will spend time teaching him how to give them up as he loves to play. He is also very much a sofa surfer and spends any extra time in his bed so would be a great companion for someone who loves to cuddle. Frank is really bright and has obviously had some training in the past as he does know his basic commands. Recall will come in time but with continued reward based training we are sure he will get it! Frank appears to be sociable with the other dogs he has met in our care; however he has not met any cats whilst here with us. Frank is able to live in a family environment where any children are 6 years +. If you may like to give Frank a home, please ring Foredowne kennels on 01803 872260.


Name: Milo

Sex: dog

Age: 1 year

Information: Milo is a year old and quite a large crossbreed. Ideally he would suit a strong chap,but other offers would be considered. He is behaving well in kennels, but would like to get into a new home. If you may be able to offer Milo a home, or for more details about him, please ring Sandy at Dogs in Need on 01276 858720 or 07540 268445. Milo is in Surrey.


Name: Sky

Sex: bitch

Age: 3 years

Information: Sky is a 3yr Alaskan Malamute who is looking for a new home as her owner has died suddenly. He has had her from a puppy and was home all day with her. She did go to training classes and apparently did very well, but he has never let her off the lead. Unfortunately, his partner work nights and has her own health issues, and is therefore unable to walk her. Sky also pulls on the lead, which doesn't help. She is being spayed next week. She is very loving, but wary of other dogs and needs someone with the time to continue with her training. For more information please ring Lynn on 023 92470830 or 07909587117 2-6pm.


Name: Splodge

Sex: bitch

Age: about 6 years

Information: Splodge (left) is a gorgeous dinky Staffi girl who is approximately 6 years old. Splodge was found straying and appears to have been passed around a bit. Her owner was sadly uncontactable so she now finds herself needing a special home with experienced owners. She is a very sweet, dinky girl who loves human companionship. She is a massive fusspot and loves lots of cuddles. She also loves to play and would spend ages chasing toys around (typical Staffi!) Splodge will need help with her training as she isn’t to up for showing us her knowledge. She may well be leading us into a false sense of security though!! She will also need socialisation lessons as although she has been great here and gets on with calm, laid back dogs (Vinnie is her favourite – pictured right!) she doesn’t like to be overwhelmed and she can come across mean and noisy towards dogs that worry her! We would like to find her an experienced home where her new owner can work with her to bring her along in her own time; it won’t be an instant fix. Splodge appears to be selectively sociable with the other dogs she has met in our care, ideally an only dog home to start with, but she could possibly live with a calm male – dependent on dog introductions. Splodge has not met any cats whilst here with us. Splodge is able to live in a family environment where any children are 10 years +. If you may like to give Splodge a home, please ring Foredowne kennels on 01803 872260. RESERVED