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Stray Dogs Sanctuary

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This page is for Stray Dogs Sanctuary dogs that have found loving homes. 

This is Abbey

Abbey is an absolutely super dog and her owners love her to bits. She has proved to be the perfect companion for her owner's older GSD Hun.

This is Ace

This is a photograph of Ace on his holidays in Cornwall back in July. I adopted him in May 2008 and he has turned out to be a real sweetheart. He thoroughly enjoys his twice daily walks in the forest, playing ball and paddling in the sea. When not rushing around he favours the sofa or my bed for a nap. He is still strong on the lead and quite boisterous with his doggy friends (although Holly my 11 year old labrador x still puts him in his place!) i guess he will eventually calm down with age. He is very cuddly and very loving so i just have to forgive him even when he ate my lounge carpet (i didn't like it anyway).

This is Alfie

Alfie our greyhound who we collected from you in Feb 2009. He has turned out to be a wonderful boy who gives my partner and I so much pleasure, he is also a great Grandad who adores him and keeps him very fit for us. It turned out that Alfie had a very colourful past and was a very good standing in the greyhound world. He travelled up and down the country racing to a high standard.

This is Alfie

Alfie has been part of the family for about 16 months and has brought so much joy and laughter, he is full of life and is a real 'bag of tricks'. Thank you so much for bringing Alfie into our lives.

This is Alfie

Alfie is a super dog - so well behaved, gentle and tolerant - both with people and other dogs. (Hates cats though!) The photos show Alfie in his home-loving " this is my settee" mode.

This is Alfie, Billy and Oscar

Pretty little Yorkies Alfie, Billy and Oscar came into the rescue at the age of 14 years and we thought that it would be difficult to find a new home for them, but they were soon given a lovely home by their new owner, where they are loved very much and have a very happy life.

This is Amber

This gorgeous girl is Amber, who is a really lovely and patient dog, especially with the little autistic girl she lives with. Amber's new family love her very much, and she loves living with them in her new home.

This is Archie

Jack Russell cross Archie and chihuahua Taylor are the best of friends and love lots of cuddles and fun and playing in the garden.

This is Arnie and Millie

Greyhounds Arnie and Millie are having a lovely relaxing Christmas together in their new home.

This is Barney

I thought you might like to see some pictures of Barney getting settled in with us! We've had him now for just under two months and the difference in him is incredible! He's been wonderful, very well behaved and very quick to learn and getting very calm and chilled out - and spoilt! To begin with when he was put to bed he'd come through into the bedroom a few times a night just to check we were still there, and then put himself back to bed! Now, he sleeps through until he hears our alarm and then he's in our bed and under the duvet instantly! He's great with everyone he's met, outside and when they come into our house - he sometimes growls as they open the gate but as soon as they open the front door he goes to say hello with a wag. He is slightly obsessed with his ball, the kong toy is the only one he hasn't managed to destroy, and he will do just about anything to get you to throw it! We can't believe how long he was in the kennels - everywhere we go people come up to us a talk about what a beautiful dog he is and ask where he came from and what breed he is - I don't think people believe us when we tell them he was a stray once and he came from a rescue.

This is Barney

Barney's first trip home in the car was very well behaved. Barney and our girl grey Lottie settled into the duvet strewn estate and not a peep was heard from either of them. We walked them around our neighbourhood as soon as we got home and although he was very strong and keen, Barney did everything we wanted and we all entered the house with hope for a relatively calm settling in........ And he has been amazing. A very curious, happy and playful dog who loves to investigate things, following us around and enjoying new smells, noises, situations. He is quite the cheeky character with a bit of a soft spot for shoes and cushions – he is starting to understand “No!” although we are often laughing at him as we say it- it is impossible to chastise him when he looks at you with those eyes!!! Barney has settled into our routine really well and we are recognising his indicators for food, walks and occupation throughout the day. Lottie has accepted him well and recognises the time to find a quiet corner when Barney is throwing toys around the lounge! They definitely enjoy walking together and have been to the beach as well as down lanes and on fields. He has settled down into a gentle walker who already understands “wait and walk-on” at the Kerb although I wouldn’t test that with cats or squirrels! We are really pleased that he took only three days to learn to walk upstairs. We have space in our bedroom for their duvets and they have both slept peacefully with us from the start. We do allow them onto our bed on Sunday mornings and Barney seems to understand that it is by invitation only –will see how long that lasts. So the last two weeks has been fun to say the least and we are so happy to have adopted Barney and he fits in so well with Lottie that we already can’t imagine life without him. He, I am sure thinks he is in doggie paradise and is trying hard to wrap us around his little paw (with some success).

This is Baxter

Baxter was only in the rescue for a very short time as the lady who found him adopted him.

This is Beau and Swift

Beautiful Beau and Swift's owners describe them as loving, licky, energetic and mad and have rubbish recall which makes off lead walking rather entertaining! They love to steal food if the opportunity arises. Their owners say they have have to watch them with rabbits and deer - typical lurchers in many ways which they love.

This is Beau Beau

This very handsome lurcher is Beau Beau, who is a much loved dog in a wonderful home that he shares with his owners and his eight best friends.

This is Bella

The first picture of lovely Bella is in Wales, she climbed up and down Snowdon with her owners and the second is when she had just got her Bronze award at dog training.

This is Bella

a picture of our now 2 1/2 year old beautiful border collie cross golden retriever bella which the stray dog sanctuary kindly found for us. She is a very well loved member of our family with a blessed famly life of with weekly bus rides and long walks from studland to swanage and wareham forest keeping my father company on his rambles helping him keep fit and lose wieght. also beach and woodland walks with us. everyone who meets her loves her and wants to keep her. this photo shows her rosettes for 2nd place in the most beautiful bitch and young handler award. Although weve only had her since she was 10months old she settled quickly into being such a perfect gentle family dog

This is Bert and Lola

We rescued Bertie and Lola from Sue at Valentine Kennels and just wanted to let you know that they have settled in really well - they are such lovely dogs and we love them to bits. They have lots of long walks and love every minute - they never stop running and Lola loves searching the bushes. Many thanks for allowing us to home them.

This is Bonnie

Beautiful Bonnie was in the rescue kennels until she found a lovely home in Torquay. Her owner says: She settled in straight away and it was as if we have had her for her entire lifetime, She loves going to the beach and to the park daily, and is getting fitter and had learned to play with other dogs also. Bonnie also loves our Cat Malley, but Malley tolerates her in his company! We absolutely adore Bonnie, shes brought so much into our lives and makes us laugh / smile everyday, shes so loving, and seems to know when a hug is needed,

This is Bonza

Bonza is a strong character and has settled in incredibly quickly, not always to my own lurcher's amusement! In fact, it's the first time I've ever heard her growl - when HER precious possessions (1-4 yrs old bones formerly buried, now dug up by Bonza, etc) are approached. But they play together for hours. When Bonza can't keep up (particularly when lots of sharp turns are required) she yelps in frustration. The cat and she have come to an understanding and she learned very quickly not to chase the hens (though the new chicks do look very appetising, so I'll have to be careful when I let them out of the broody cage). I'm not sure she'll be submissive enough to make the rough shooting dog we want but she's charmed us into thinking we don't mind another freeloader!

This is Brandy

Brandy is a beautiful whippet cross and these are his owner's words: When I first met Brandy at the kennels, he was such a sad, pathetic, lonely little dog .His owner had decided not to keep him any more after having him for 8 years and he could not understand why he been abandoned. I took him home to meet my two lurchers and greyhound and he fitted into our family so well from the start. He has always been so well behaved,very loving and has a wonderful personality. I'll never understand why his previous owner decided to give him up, but I am so very, very, pleased that she did because Brandy has brought so much joy to my family. Over the months of 2012 Brandy's back legs became progressivley weaker and when his front legs would no longer support him either we knew that the time had come to make that so diificult decision to let him go, and on 5 November Brandy was put to sleep. Rest in peace, my beautiful boy. We will love you for ever.

This is Buster

Buster was a frightened and cold dog when he was found, abandoned and alone, in a river. Thankfully he was rescued and came into the sanctuary to recover. He was quickly adopted by a very nice couple, and as you can see from the photos, is now very happily settled and loving life with his new friends.

This is Charlie

Before he was rescued, Charlie was living in a cupboard with a stairgate across and not being exercised. He now has a lovely new home where he is a much loved pet and has lots of runs and a wonderful life.

This is Charlie

Charlie was in the kennels and waiting to find a home for 2 years before he was given a wonderful home where he is much loved and very happy. He loves to go on the beach and to the shops, and is a firm favourite in the local cafe.

This is Charlie and Henry

Henry came into the sanctuary as one of several little lurcher pups and he went to his new home to live with his owners and their labrador Nesta and cat Memphis. They have recently been joined by whippet Charlie, whose previous owner's health problems meant that he could no longer keep him. Charlie and Henry have a lovely life, enjoying runs on the beach and in the fields.

This is Chelsea

German shepherd cross Chelsea was only in the rescue kennels for a short time before she found a lovely home, where, as you can see, she is very happy and contented.

This is Cookie

Cookie is now five years old and has brought us a great deal of fun in the time we've had him. One of his favourite tricks is to jump into cow troughs, to cool down and enjoy a nice slow drink. However, as you can see, his efforts were somewhat thwarted in February this year during the very cold spell we had then. The attached picture was taken just down from Swyre Head on a winter walk to Kimmeridge. Hope all is well with you and the sanctuary. Thanks again for giving us our lovely mutt!

This is Dave

Dave was in the kennels and looking for a home for over a year, until one day his luck changed and he was chosen by a couple who have given him a wonderful home. Dave goes everywhere with them, including to work. He meets various dogs out on walks and is very polite with all, even small fluffy ones! A visit to Cornwall meant he stayed in a house with 2 cats, and although his owners thought it wiser not to leave them unattended (More for Dave's sake) he was fairly disinterested.

This is Devon

Geryhound Devon's owner says:" A snap of Devon curled up with Daniel our Lurcher! Devon is a lovely dog indeed, but also a very strong character, he has settled well bless him".

This is Dexter

Dexter was a little tired in the photo I'm sending as he'd just been trekking around the fields of Cockington with my 5 x border collies, 1 x JRT, 1 x yorkie, 1 x lab x & 1 x retriever, So, Dexter is living in a home with 9 other dogs and 4 cats and seems to be loving every minute of it .... it's certainly a fun home, lots of toys, bones and galloping around!

This is Diesel

I adopted Diesel (was called Solly) earlier this year as a companion for my 10 year old GSD Apollo. Diesel was aggressive towards other dogs when we were out walking but I had him castrated and ever since then he has been fine. He loves his twice daily walks which often is down on the beach or in the nearby fields and absolutely loves playing ball. He can be a little food aggressive but is improving all the time, this maybe due to his time before I adopted him as there was no background on him. Diesel is extremely affectionate towards humans and adores having cuddles. I definitely have no regrets. I love him dearly.

This is Dobby

Dobby's owners say: Just to let you know that Dobby is settling in very well. He’s a gem and we love him. He’s a delight to have around the house and everything is going really well. He’s scared of the noises in the outside world but we’re making progress. House noises have been scary too but he’s getting used to them so he’s doing well. We couldn’t imagine life without him!

This is Eli

Eli came into the rescue kennels as a stray when he was only 8 months old. Sadly, no-one offered him a home until one day his luck changed and he was given a lovely home with his new family. He has settled in fine and loves to play with his new best friend Loki, and is now a very happy boy.

This is Eric

Eric was in the kennels and looking for a home for some time, but now he is happily settled in his new home and loves to cuddle up on the bed with his best freind.

This is Fritz

New arrival dachsund Fritz has settled in really well and made good friends with Ralph, Hetty and Buster.

This is Fudge and Stella

Fudge has proved to be the quintessential 40 mph couch potato! Both he and Stella don't like getting out of bed in the morning and look at us as if to say "it's still dark, you must be mad!" They love their walks and cuddles and both are always interested when it comes to dinner time.

This is George

The owner of retired greyhound George says _ George has settled in really well :-). He worked out how to get up and down stairs on his first night, loves my bed and the sofa (yes, he sleeps next to me all night), and most of all, really loves his food! He's put a little weight on (which the vet said was fine), and although he won't take food from my hand yet, he's learnt what the sound of the fridge door opening means and magically appears by my side when he hears it! He and Blaze are absolutely brilliant together - George likes to follow Blaze when we're out on walks, and Blaze is like a new dog since George came home, happy, waggy and energetic again! :-) George doesn't really understand the sea or tides yet, although he's had a couple of paddles. He's a bit too interesting in other dogs off the lead still, so he stays on the lead on the beach, but is doing really well off the lead on quieter countryside walks - he was off the lead for a whole hour yesterday and kept either waiting for me to catch up or coming back to check in with me. This also meant he got the chance to have a good run, which is so lovely to see! He's doing all his toileting outside as long as he has access to the garden, and he's getting better at holding it if the back door is closed (and if he really can't, he has a wee right by the back door, bless him!). He sleeps through the night (and the morning, most of the afternoon, and the evening!!) and absolutely loves being stroked and being close to people - he really is a champion leaner! So, we're all super happy, loving having him as one of the family, and get the feeling that he is quite enjoying his retirement too!

This is Georgie

This lovely dog is Georgie, who is much loved by her owners.

This is Griffin

Griffin's owner says: We adopted Griff (Griffen) from you some 2 -3 years ago and he has been the BEST dog we have ever had, I don’t say that lightly as the completion is strong. Despite his size he really is a gentle giant, and is brilliant with children, chickens ponies and other dogs. He rarely has to wear collar and lead as he will stick close when asked Having come out of Southampton he adapted to the rural life very quickly and made good friends with our Shetland Tom.He's fab and thank you for caring for him until we found each other.

This is Gunner

Gunner settled in his new home.

This is Gunner

Staffy Gunner looks very relaxed and is enjoying life in his new home, and is already firm friends with the resident cat.

This is Harold

Harold has settled in really well and has been a real blessing, he seems really happy although he often does the "Staffy whinge"!!! He really is a fantastic, loving little dog and we thank you for giving him the chance he so deserved. We have cured his diahorrea and he seems much stronger on his back legs - he's even put a little weight on. The fur is re growing on his ears.

This is Harry

Lovely Harry's family say: This is Harry who we adopted at the end of July 2008. He is well and truly one of the family, and has given us great pleasure. He runs freely (the squirrels are not happy) and socialises with all other dogs. As a family who in the past have always had puppies, we would truly recommend adopting an adult dog.

This is Herbie

I thought you would like to know that Herbie is so happy with us, he is now more confident with other dogs and excellent off the lead he has lots of new friends which he plays with every day on the racecourse where we walk him. He has just had the first of many hoplidays to come down in Croyde Bay Devon. He has made us very happy and he is so good with little Sophie our 15 year old dog.

This is Isy

Isy has settled in brilliantly. She adores Fudge and Stella and relishes in trying to get the prime spot on either sofa. Although she likes the entire sofa to herself, she has learned to move or have me, Fudge or Stella stretching out over the top of her legs. She is still brilliant when it comes to breakfast and dinner and has only needed one further reminder that food time is a time to be relaxed and wait to be invited before eating. She is normally great on recall but as she has started to relax, she is picking up on Stella's selective deafness so we are working on that now. All three swap around which sofa they are relaxing on and when one wants to be on their own they either chose the basket or the rug. Like you I cannot understand why more people don't offer a home to lurchers and greyhounds. They are so gentle, relaxed and lazy, whilst being the most handsome of dogs. Isy recently met a Puggle and a Bocker (Boxer/Cocker cross) called Arthur offlead, both are small dogs and she loved meeting them. Arthur's owner kept calling his dog who refused to pay attention and Isy stayed with him until his owner caught up.

This is Jack

Jack relaxing in his lovely home and with his best friends and housemates Wilson and Griffin.

This is Jasper

We gave a home to Jasper in May 2010. He is a fantastic with the family and everyone he meets. He gets on really well with other dogs and he loves his walks in the forest and on the beach. We thought he was going to be a real live wire when we picked him up from the kennels but he has settled down now and has a lovely temperament. He has turned out to be very intelligent and quick to learn, so he has been very easy to train.

This is Jet

Beautiful Jet's owners say: We got our lurcher in May 2002. She was named Gypsy, but we renamed her Jetsam as she'd been discarded & found as a stray in Christchurch. She was extremely skinny & her tail was always curled between her legs. Encouraging her to lie with us on the sofa & praising her for being a "good girl" enabled her to gradually build her confidence. Now Jetsam can be found lying in the sunniest softest spot in the house, or a sun trap in the garden. In the cooler times of the year she will ask to have the wood burner lit for so that she can stretch out in front of it to warm her bare belly. She was just so amazing for us that we now have a second lurcher called Murphy.

This is Jinx

Jinx was adopted two months ago and is very much loved by her owner. She has settled in very well with white/pied staffie Paleface.

This is Libby and Murphy

Libby is an ex-racing greyhound and Murphy was found as a stray is a terrible state, very underweight, and with an open wound and also a lot of old scars. They have found a lovely home together, where they are really happy and much loved, and as you can see from the photos, are the best of friends.

This is Lloyd

Greyhound Lloyd was in the kennels for a long time before he found a lovely home with a nine year old whippet boy and a five year old lurcher girl. He is loves his walks, treats, food and cuddles.

This is Louie

Pretty little Louie's owner reluctantly had to give her up becasue she could no longer look after her because of health problems, but she soon found a lovely new home where she is very happy and has settled in really well.

This is Lucy and Sam

Lucy and Sam, who you found for us last summer, have both settled in well. `Henry' is pleased to have them as his new springer family - Lucy is much less fixated and twinkles most of the time these days and is a delightful gentle companion Sam has done very well and is embarking on his new career as a proper gundog this week end he has been much admired for his good behaviour and good looks the last few weeks. The photos are: 1 Henry in basket with Sam in the blue collar and Lucy 2 the queue for lunch Lucy leading 3 Lucy in the basket $ Sam resting after a busy day ! Henry loves to live with spaniels - Sam + Lucy helped him get over the deaths of his friends Biggles + Big Henry. Lucy is a gentle lady and Sam is a happy teenager, they all fill our lives with laughter and love.

This is Luna

My name is Luna lab/staffie and I have found my forever home. I was 10 mth old when my new mummy and daddy came and looked at me in February 2016. I love my full big box of toys to play with. I picked my new bed out pets at home. I love my garden where I play my toys in. I love cuddles too. I have plenty exercise in the new forest, so many walks to explore. Now I found the sea and streams I love to swim in. Luna well settled in her new home she has learned to play with other dogs.she's still a little boisterous but she has calming down, sometimes she plays with her ball some times but she loves chasing sticks and always bring them back, she loves the grandchildren too. We absolutely adore her and made the right choice.

This is Mac

Mac's owner's say: Mac aka whisky is doing exceptionally well. Full of terrier beans and any other kind of mischief that he can find to get into!! He's fantastic with other dogs, especially larger breeds!! His best friend is a G.S.D called Ruby. Of course he loves our other dog to bits!! We are very lucky you know, he goes out in the garden and chases away all of the invisible monsters. He makes a fantastic windowsill ornament!! And is constantly on patrol, pesky cats, pigeons etc...Large cobbles are his favourite dog toy for some reason? He prefers them to tennis balls. We have a small scree bed by the front door! He is a pleasure to own, we wouldnt be without him, he does his breed justice 'Border Terrier'

This is Malibu

Malibu was in the kennels and looking for a home for a very long time, but one day her luck changed when when she was offered a home by a couple with a lovely Malumute called Marley. Now Malibu has a wonderful home where she has settled in beautifully. Marley has taken a very protective way over her and they just play all the time.

This is Martigan

These are some pictures of Martigan, showing he's settled in to his new home. He's a real treat and is enjoying his new life in the country. He's discovering so many things though he doesn't like mud! That's a blessing really. He has made lots of new friends including our next door neighbour's weimaraner. It's all very tiring for a little puppy.

This is Max

Thank you so much for letting Mick and Lezleigh ‘take me on’ – we are having a great time as you can see by some of the pictures. I’m keeping them on their toes – which they needed as without a dog their walks stopped. I go to school now on a Friday night and I am beginning to understand the complications of living with humans – what’s expectable and what isn’t. They say I’m a bright boy and I am keen to learn. We go for walks everyday (in fact twice a day plus a quick bedtime walk around the block). So far everything has been fine as I come when I’m called. I still have a great passion for sticks (the bigger the better) and any water will do for a splash about. Our walks range from Shapwick – Ferndown – to the New Forest. I have met a lot of different dogs (Lezleigh is a dog groomer and has a salon in the back garden – I get to meet them all) Teddyboy arrives with his mum in a sidecar with goggles and harness on. I have a blonde bombshell puppy friend called Bonnie and she climbs all over me when we are playing and plays with my tail alot. It’s great fun!! And finally when I’m tired during the day I have a sleep on my couch...heaven!

This is Max

Max was in the rescue kennels for a long time until one day his luck changed and someone came and fell in love with him. As you can see from the photos, Max is now a very happy, contented dog in a lovely home.

This is Max

These are his owner's words: I adopted a german shepherd who we called Max about 1 1/2 years ago. When he arrived he was very thin, he didn't know if he was coming or going after having had three homes in just the first year of his life. Lou (my rotti) and I have spent a huge amount of time, exercising, playing games, feeding him up, slowly building up his muscles and learning manners. He has become an exceptional canine friend and a very loving member of our family. His patience with our jack russell puppy has been extraordinary. But remember if you're thinking of adopting a GSD you must be COMMITTED, you must have PATIENCE & ENERGY, you must give them ALL THE TIME THEY DESERVE.

This is Millie

Millie is so cuddly. We have had lots of walks, played throw the kong bone in the garden and the house and she even throws it back! My grandsons love her and she was perfect with them.

This is Molly

Beautiful lurcher Molly was in the kennels and looking for a someone to love her for a long time, but she has now found a wonderful home where she is much loved and very happy.

This is Oakley

Oakley was in the kennels and looking for a home for over 2 yeas before he was lucky enough to find a wonderful home. His new owner says he is such an adorable character, it really only took hours for him to be at home. He loves the garden and after only a very short time got to know the daily routine. He loves his toys and is so good in the car that he comes out with me nearly everywhere. He has been introduced to Barton common where he behaved off his lead and he also enjoys a short walk round to the recreation ground nearby.He has a healthy appetite (as you will be aware of) but has lost some weight so looks very fit and handsome. I'm so glad we saw him on your website and I'm sure you will be very pleased to know that he loves his new home. I just have to work hard at not spoiling him too much.

This is Oscar

Message from Oscar to the rescue kennels: HI sue, doing ok dont think i will be back its a hard task but im up for a challange someone has to train these owners after all, i am going to try & send you some photos on this e-mail thingy, hope they come thanks to all of you for looking after me. LOVE OSCARxxxx

This is Peanut

Peanut was adopted in June and is very happy in her new home.

This is Phoenix

Malamute Phoenix enjoying life in his lovely home with his best friend huskamute Ash.

This is Pixie

10 year old greyhound Pixie spent most of her life living in a shed. Now she has a wonderful life with her new owners and her new friends, the other greyhounds and lurchers in the home. As you can see from the photos, she is enjoying every minute of the freedom she now enjoys.

This is Poppy

Whippet cross Poppy was frightened of everyone and everything when we first brought her home. Now she is a happy, very playful little girl who loves to run and wants to make friends with every dog she meets. Her best friend is our greyhound Max and she likes to cuddle up with him. Poppy brightens up every day and has brought so much joy to our family.

This is Ralph

Lovely lurcher Ralph spent the first few years of his life living in a shed. Now he has a home where he is loved very much and lives happily with his two new friends Hetty and Buster.

This is Richie

Richie is doing really well in his new home and is still very playful.

This is Robbie

Robbie's owner says: This is Robbie, who was adopted in February 2008. His nickname is the "Robster" on account of pinching all his doggie friend's toys and balls. But he is very friendly and non aggresive dog who provides hours of entertainment. He also keeps his tame human fit by needing very long walks and loves running free in fields and woods and especially on the beach. Always a welcome when I come in and now my best mate. I am so glad I found him.

This is Rosa

Rosa (formerly Macey) is doing well in her new home,.

This is Rosie

Rosie has settled into our home and is doing really well. After her first few nights (crying for 2 hrs at a time) she now goes straight into her bed in the kitchen and sleeps right through. We are able to let her off the lead as she stays with us and as long as she has a ball in her mouth she's happy. She has really grown and her coat is lovely and shiny, she's looking good! I think her poorly tummy was due to some sort of stress rather than anything serious as now she's settled we're having no problems (oh except when she stole 2 pear and ginger cakes from the kitchen counter) BLESS HER!! When I saw her on the website there was just that something about her that caught my eye, I can't explain it but I felt she was calling out to me, and this has turned into a really happy ending for all of us!! We love her to bits!

This is Ruby

Ruby had to come into the rescue kennels because her owner had severe health problems, but she has now found a lovely new home where she is settling in well, and has a new coat, lovely thick duvet for her bed and is eating well.

This is Ruby and Baz

Ruby and Baz's owners say: We adopted Ruby from you back in November 2004. She was approximately 18 months old then (she's now 7). She was found wandering in Salisbury after being hit by a car and amazingly nobody claimed her. As you can see she's a beautiful dog and we wouldn't be without her for the world. Baz came to us from you after we had to have Oscar (another Rottie rescue from Ireland) put to sleep back in May 2008. As you can imagine we were heartbroken and so was Ruby. She was so lonely after Oscar died we knew we'd have to adopt another dog to keep her company. Baz had been with you for 8 months when we homed him and had built up a strong bond with Ken at Bere Regis. Ken was delighted when we agreed to home him and we were astounded Baz had been with you for so long. It's so wrong the bad press Rotties and Staffies etc. have had when it's all about how you treat them. Still, it was our gain. Baz too is a wonderful dog; loyal and funny and we wouldn't be without him either!

This is Sally

Sally has settled in very well indeed. Storm and she were great buddies right away and play enthusiastically and roughly(!) with each other. She is a lovely dog and I am delighted that we found her and can give her a good home. All the people who overlooked her do not know what they are missing!

This is Sally

Sally's owner says: I've had Sally 3 years yesterday so I thought I would let you know she is doing well! She likes to sit in the front garden at night watching the stars. This is rather spooky!

This is Sam

This is Yorkshire terrier Sam in his home with his new friend. Sam is nearest the camera, with the darker coat.

This is Scamp

When Scamp was found as a stray, he was rather shaggy to say the least, as you can see from the first photo. A month later, after having a make-over, (and having put on over half a kilo in weight!) he is pictured with his housemate and best friend Maddie, herself a rescue dog nearly ten years ago. Scamp is such a happy little chap and a wonderful companion for 10 year old Maddie. They have become inseparable!

This is Scooby

Lovely Scooby has settled very well into his new home and is a much loved pet.

This is Shady

Ths beautiful boy is Shady. He was so unhappy in kennels, but his luck changed the day the family who became his new owners arrived to see him. Now Shady is a much loved and very happy dog who has a wonderful home and love his walks on the beach. He is a wonderful dog with bags of personality and a great addition to his family. You will see from the photos how happy and healthy he now is.

This is Sidney

Beautiful collie Sidnay was a very nervous dog in the kennels and it took some time before he found a home. Luckily for him, one day someone came and saw him and has given him a wonderful home where, with a lot of tender loving care and reassurance from his new owners he is slowly becoming more confident. UPDATE from Sid's owner September 2010. Sid has transformed into a far more confident dog although he is still sometimes fazed by sudden noise. He walks with his friends every morning and I no longer have to keep him on a lead on the local open space. He particularly likes to run with Mollie and Jake his two black labrador friends. He is a wonderful companion and was a great comfort to me when Brian had a spell in hospital recently. He is now very much part of the family and has been a particular success with our two younger grandchildren who had previously been very nervous of dogs. .

This is Smiffy

My name is Smiffy formerly known as Smitten. I was adopted in May 2009. My hobbies are ball,walking, ball,swimming,ball,playing,ball,pinching food,ball,cuddles and I love all ball games. Smiffy is a lovely dog and has quickly become a very much loved family member.

This is Snowy

Snowy joined us just under a month ago and has really settled in well after a few "accidents" in the house. He is good friends with Daisy Whippet and they often share a bed or sofa although she is still a bit nervous of him when he has his "crazy 5 minutes"! Lizzie Greyhound is a bit elderly so isn't too fussed and he has learned to treat her with respect! He is always eager to please, very gentle with kids and adults alike (especially when taking treats) and obedient. He has obviously had some training as he sits for his dinner or to have his lead to be put on without asking and gives a paw for treats. he was very strong and keen on the lead initially but has come on leaps and bounds in the last fortnight. He is already a much loved dog and part of the family!

This is Solly

My name is Solly and I recently found my forever home after being in kennels for over a year. I am a big bouncy boy and a bit of handful but my Mummy was used to all that so I have settled right in. I settled in virtually from day one and Mummy says I am such a good boy and she cannot understand why I wasn't snapped up before. I have a new sister in my new home, she is called Dotty. Dotty was also a Stray Dog Sanctuary dog and Mummy adopted her when she was 16 weeks old. We get on really well, she can be a bit bossy sometimes but I just ignore her - talk to the paw. Here are some photos of me and Dotty.

This is Sophie

Just letting you know that 'Sophie' has settled in very well. She's very easy around the house and no trouble walking on the lead. We're working hard on her off-lead recall, using the advice from 'The House Lurcher' by Jackie Drakeford. Luckily we've found an enclosed Arboretum near us in the New Forest where we can let her off safely. We have let her off on the beach but she's hard work because she just keeps on walking and won't recall yet! The only way we can retrieve her is by relying on other dog owners to catch hold of her when she stops to play with heir dogs! All in all she's an absolute delight and we love her to bits.

This is Sox

Sox's owners say: Its been 1 year since we adopted Sox. As he was a stray we were unsure of his background. However, it became clear from the start that he was a loving dog and he has quickly become a very big part of our lives. We absolutely love him to bits. He enjoys chasing balls on the beach twice a day and snuggling up on the couch with us at the end of the day.

This is Stanley

Stanley was in such a terrible state when he was rescued that it was very doubtful that he would survive. He was painfully thin and had sustained dreadful injuries after being run over by a car. However, thanks to the skill of the vet and the care that the received in the sanctuary, Stanley pulled through. The search began for a foster home for him while he continued his long recovery, and thankfully someone came forward to offer him that home. Stanley needed crate rest for seversl months, and was given lots of lots of TLC to help with his recovery. The foster home turned into Stan's forever home, where he has a wonderful life, going for long walks and runs in the fields and on the beach with his owners and his best friend and housemate, bedlington/whippet Spider.

This is Sunny

Sunny has settled really well. He's been out for two good walks today, is good on the lead and no problems with other dogs. He's eaten well and had a bath too. He seems as though he's been with us for years and is fabulous with the children. We are so delighted with him !

This is Sunny

His owner says: He is a brilliant dog and has just passed his Kennel club gold obedience certificate. He is about to enter competitions for agility too, so as you can see, a really good boy all round. We are so pleased with him and I think he is happy with us too.

This is Susa and Archie

Greyhounds Susa and Archie went to their new home a year ago. They settled in really well and really live up to their couch potato reputations as you can see from one of the photos!

This is Tia

Just to let you all know I've settled well into my new home. Plenty of cuddles, especially with the littlest lady - we're never too far away from each other. At the bottom of our garden we have a gate which goes onto open fields where I'm having lots of exercise, there's also woodland 30 seconds away where we go for muddy walks.

This is Tilly

Tliiy's owner says: She is such an intelligent dog, always wanting to play! She’s full of beans and settling in well. Keller and her are very good friends and we have seen a marked improvement in his behaviour and temperament. Many thanks for helping Tilly such that she has been able to come to live with us, we love her and think she’s great.

This is Tinker

Brown lurcher Tinker was in the rescue kennels and hoping to find a home for a very long 2 years, but one day his luck changed and he now lives and plays happily with the other dogs in his new home.

This is Toby

Toby's owner says: I am sending a picture of Toby who I adopted at the beginning of 2008 just after my husband died.He has been absolutely wonderful you would be amazed at the way he looks after my 16 year old JT who came from the RSPCA in 1994.She has doggie dementia if there is such a thing and he goes and finds her in the park or woods when she wanders off during our walks and leads her back. He is a marvellous guard dog and makes me so happy. He's like a toddler and my house is covered in cuddly toys which he chews and spreads around. He has made the last couple of years much easier for me.

This is Tok

Tok was only in the rescue kennels for a short time before he was given a lovely new home, where he now lives happily with is his cocker spaniel best friend.

This is Tommy

Tommy's owner says: We have had Tommy for over a year now. Apart from eating my car.s seat belts (£880) =£100 to me insurance paid up he has now passed his escape mode and is the most loving and extremely friendliest dog we have ever had. Thanks you so very much for finding us for him. He now rules to house garden and is doing very well on his lead. Tommy is off lead in large areas but not near roads.

This is Tommy

Greyhound Tommy was in the rescue kennels and waiting to find a home for two years before his luck changed and he found a lovely home with his new family. He loves to run and play on the local common with his best friend, and mixes well with other dogs there.

This is Treacle

Beautiful Treacle came into the rescue as a stray, but it wasn't long before she found a lovely home where she lives happily with her owners and her new lurcher friends. She loves to lie on the back of the settee when her owner sits there, and she has started to play with some dog toys, and she has lots to choose from!

This is Tyler

Tyler's owner says, soon after he went to his new home: Tyler is improving every day as he settles in with us. We have work to do on his separation anxiety but that will come with time. He is very good with Lily and although he is very food focused he knows that he leaves Lily alone with hers! (She told him and he understood!)

This is Wanda

Wanda was in the kennels and looking for a home for a long time, but one day her luck changed and she found someone to love her and give her a wonderful home where she has settled in well is very happy.

This is Winter

This is an update on the wonderful Patch, now named Winter. After his first week he has settled remarkably well, my other dog Kela has accepted him willingly after they figured out whos the boss, it seems to be Kela and Winter is eager to please her. They have had some lovely playful moments together. Every day Winter spends with me we walk to the local park where he loves to interact with other dogs, also we are doing small amounts of agility in preparation for the summer, as I see him doing great in this. He adores all the family and on Thursday he was left alone with Kela in the house for the first time, it was a short time, I sat outside and not a peep of anxiety, on my return all was well, in fact great. I will update you again in the new year. Thank you for every thing. Winter is a solid, forever loving part of our family.

This is Zeus

This is what greyhound Zeus's owner says about him: He has settled in well and made himself very much at home. He was really clean from day one and gets on fine with our J.R. Doesn't seem to know what toys are or how to play but is gradually learning from the other dog. He is the sweetest natured dog and so full of joy. Every day now his personality is coming out a little more. He is just gorgeous and already much loved The photo is of one of Zeus's new friend and one of him taking over his new friend's bed, he doesn't quite fit as you can see but he seems to think that it's very nice anyway.